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Three bodies of the missing Korean tourists were found inside the recovered boat. The most heartbreaking discovery was a six-year-old girl found in the arms of her grandmother. Here are the accounts from the Hungarian diver who searched the boat's interior, and the captain of the crane that salvaged the sunken vessel.
The KBS crew met with a Hungarian civilian diver after the boat salvage operation was completed. He recounted that the vessel's interior was extensively damaged.
[Soundbite] (HUNGARIAN CIVILIAN DIVER) : "The wheelhouse was damaged extensively and everything was in disarray."
The diver said he could envision what happened at the time of the collision as he searched for the bodies.
[Soundbite] (HUNGARIAN CIVILIAN DIVER) : "I saw a woman holding a child inside the boat. I knew how she tried to protect the child."
It appears that a grandmother took her granddaughter into her arms as the boat sank. The distressed Hungarian diver said that he wouldn't be able to erase the painful sights he witnessed even after returning home.
[Soundbite] (HUNGARIAN CIVILIAN DIVER) : "I had trouble not with technical issues, but with having to witness the details of the tragedy."
The captain of the Clark Adam, the crane that raised the Hableany from the Danube could visualize the accident as he saw the damaged hull.
[Soundbite] (CAPTAIN OF THE CLARK ADAM) : "There were signs of collision and several damaged sections on the boat."
The captain said that he was most nervous when the fifth wire was added, but the physical demand was nothing compared to the heartbreak.
[Soundbite] (CAPTAIN OF THE CLARK ADAM) : "Although I didn't know them, I give my condolences to the deceased tourists and colleagues."

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