☼ 30 minutes Kr&b / K-indie lazy evening playlist -게으른저녁-

I dun feel like doing anything on bed.
Except staring at the curtains flipping and the light rays in and out.

♪ When the day of happiness playlist ♪

lazy evening ☼

00:00 YAYYOUNG - Instagram (Cover)
01:17 RHEEHAB - like a sunflower (feat. YAYYOUNG) (prod. by OPO)
05:10 OOHYO 우효 - PIZZA
08:43 Ggamangstereo 까망스테레오 - All Day 하루종일
12:51 Hyukoh 혁오 - 위잉위잉
16:04 CIKI - Syndrome
19:48 Lofibaby 로파이베이비 - Sunset 노을아 ( Acoustic live ver.)
21:50 ROCOBERRY 로코베리 - I Miss You
25:13 Chloe94 - 2U with Jungkook (Cover)
28:37 Lee Hi 이하이 - Golden Slumbers

Respect all individual artist here. I do not own the songs thank you.
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