Jambalaya (On The Bayou) - Marceau Camille

Marceau Camille performing "Jambalaya (On The Bayou)," with violin at the 2009 Fiesta Tropical in Sydney

Accomplished Singer/musician
Spectacular One Man Show
Plays Guitar, Banjo, Trumpet, Violin, Saxophone, Clarinet, Concert Flute, Quena (Andes Flute) and Pedal Steel Guitar.
Sings in several languages.
Entertained around the world including a Royal Command Performance as a member of Superlatino.
Nominated for "MO" award (Australia) and won the "Best Country Artist Award (Wembley Country Festival - England)
Marceau's own concept - "Fiesta Tropical" has seen him perform in major Australian Clubs (together with the Memo Gomez Mexican dancers, France Jemon, Aniele Deojee and the Sega Down Under dance group) singing in different styles, from Mexican, French, Tropical and Country to Pop.


Live Audio: Guy Saminaden

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