【07/11】 10명이서 시작했는데 6명만 남은게임.. 시간이 지날수록 맞춰져 가는 퍼즐들 ( TF vs Ekko Dopa stream Jul.11 )

• 스트리밍 주소 Stream Link

중국방송 - http://www.huya.com/90888dopa
[ HUYA TV - CN STREAM ] - [ 방송시간: 20:00 ~ 24:00 ]

한국방송 - http://tv.kakao.com/channel/2781080
[ KAKAO TV - KR STREAM ] - [ 방송시간: 20:00 ~ 24:00 ]

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키보드 ( Keyboard ) : 스카이디지탈 nKEYBOARD 메카닉 LED 적축
마우스 ( Mouse ) : 로지텍 G1 ( logitech G1 )
모니터 ( Monitor ) : 27 ASUS PG279Q
그 외 (CPU & VGA) : I7 8700K , 1080TI SLI , 32GB ( RAM )

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( for west fans )
•Sadly, I cannot make captions for every video. I am Korean, so natural english translation is difficult. Due to the fact that the length of videos are normally 30 minutes long, It would be hard to make captions for every video, but I did open the settings so that users can create subtitles.
•I will try to make subtitles in the future, but I can't guarantee it. At the least, I can make captions in the guide video !

Also, I'd like to thank you guys so much for watching these videos and supporting them, it means a lot!

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