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Singer B.I. of K-pop group iKon is facing allegations of drug abuse. There are also speculations that police failed to investigate properly even though they knew about his offense, and that the chief of the singer's management agency was also involved in the allegation.
This song recorded more than 200 million views on YouTube. It was written by B.I., the leader of the K-pop group iKon. Back in April 2016, B.I. had a chat via Kakao Talk with his acquaintance who had a criminal history of drug abuse. B.I. asked him if he could help him find a hallucinogenic drug LSD. When the man asks the singer to watch his mouth and keep their deal a secret, B.I. says he is asking him about this just because they used to do drugs together. The chat indicates that B.I. used other illegal drugs before. B.I. also asked if the man could find the drug for a cheaper price. The man warns B.I. that after trying LSD, marijuana will feel like nothing. However, the singer replies that he just wants to become a genius and will use the drug by himself for the rest of his life. While asking about symptoms that the drug can cause, B.I. also says that he wants to purchase one million won worth of the drug, because having it will make him feel at ease. The content of the chat was seized by police back in August 2016 when they were investigating B.I.'s acquaintance for alleged drug abuse. After the scandal broke out, B.I. apologized on his social media account and left his group. However, he denied having used the illegal drug because he was afraid. B.I.'s management agency, YG Entertainment, has issued a statement saying it has terminated its contract with the singer.

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