180111 Shinee Jonghyun tribute Golden Disk Award - Key, Taeyeon and EXO message in description

[TRANS] Jonghyun in Memoriam from Golden Disc Awards:

On a day an exceptional amount of snow covered the world in white,
The star that shined the brightest on stage,
Became a star that shines the brightest in the night sky.

Jonghyun: "When you're comforting someone, rather than comfort them by comparing to your situation or the situations of others, I think it's best to comfort them about that person's situation."

Your words were comforting pats to us.

Jonghyun: "If there are people who are exhausted from reality, as you listen to this song, I hope they'll know that there is someone here who is like them."

Your music was a warm embrace to us.

SHINee Key: Jonghyunnie hyung who is the best artist of my life, friend, hyung and colleague - you worked hard, I love you so much.

SNSD Taeyeon: I’m sorry I couldn’t embrace you enough. I love you and thank you. I miss you a lot and I want to hold your hand.

EXO: True artist Jonghyun sunbaenim, we miss you so much & we love you. We will remember you forever.

Jonghyun: "Life is a continuation of meetings & farewells. Bc of that process, I believe that we grow. Immediately, it's regrettable, sad & tears come, but we will meet again."

Tonight, we say our greetings to the star that is shining the brightest in the sky.
You worked hard.
You really went through a lot.
(sung by Jonghyun and implied)

You are my pride.

[cr. sonexstella]

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