Best Songs for Playing LOL | 1H Gaming Music | Tobu Playlist

Coming up with something new. I thought of sometimes posting some gaming music. What do you think about this idea guys?

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0:00 Tobu - Candyland
3:20 Tobu & Syndec - Dusk
6:59 Tobu - Life
10:17 Tobu & Itro - Sunburst
13:25 Tobu - Sound of Goodbye
16:29 Itro & Tobu - Holiday
20:03 Itro & Tobu - Cloud 9
24:36 Tobu - Good Times
27:54 Tobu - Infectious
32:50 Tobu & Itro - Magic
37:03 Tobu - Hope
41:43 Tobu Floating
46:15 Tobu - Mesmerize
50:35 Tobu - Happy Ending (ft. Cassandra Kay)
54:44 Tobu & Marcus Mouya - Running Away
57:51 Tobu - Crime (ft. Daphne)
01:01:34 Tobu - Seven

This is a playlist of my favourite songs from the NCS creator Tobu (https://www.youtube.com/user/tobuofficial). I did not create this music myself, so all credits go to him.

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