Nightcore - Running With the Wolves [Lyrics]

Yo everyone ~ ^^
Soo here's another video, hope you guys like this one ^^

song~ Running With the Wolves
by~ Aurora ( if you dont know her, go check her out, she has some amazing songs *-* )
pic link~ http://nd06.jxs.cz/276/588/a7c91b3908_99008457_o2.jpg
facebook link~ https://www.facebook.com/Leyrima (This is my fan page that one of my friends made, he wanted to help me [and he was a bit bored too when he did xd] so he created one for me :D He uploads my videos there when I post one on Youtube and talks about the chanel. You can check it out if you want ^^)


Channel: Ley Rima
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