SISTAR SPECIAL★Since 'PUSH PUSH' to 'LONELY'★(2h 4m Stage Compilation)

Intro+Push Push
Shady Girl
How Dare You
All I Want For Christmas Is You
Push Push+How Dare You @2010 MBC Music Festival
Ma Boy(Sistar19)
Girls do it
So Cool
NOW(Soyou, Hyolyn) @2011 MBC Music Festival
Ma Boy(Sistar19)+So cool @2011 MBC Music Festival
Lead Me
Summer Special Remix
Loving U
Have Yourself a merry little Christmas(Hyolyn w/Kwill)
Alone @2012 MBC Music Festival
Gone Not Around Any Longer(Sistar19)
Hey You
Give It To Me
One Way Love(Hyolyn)
Sweet Dreams(Hyolyn) @2013 MBC Music Festival
Give It To Me @2013 MBC Music Festival
Let It Go(Hyolyn w/Ailee)
Touch My Body
I Swear
Touch My Body @2014 MBC Music Festival
Bang Bang(Hyolyn w/Aliee, Jessie) @2014 MBC Music Festival
Don't Be Such A Baby
Shake It
Say I Love You
I Like That
Slow(Hyolyn w/Jooheon)
Sexy Man(Hyolyn, Soyou w/Jooheon, IM) @2016 MBC Music Festival
I Like That @2016 MBC Music Festival
Sistar Goodbye Medley

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