432 Hz Destroy Unconscious Blockages & Fear, Binaural Beats

432 Hz Destroy Unconscious Blockages & Fear, Binaural Beats

We underline that these tracks cannot diagnose or cure a health condition nor do they want to replace the advice of the doctor or health care provider.

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Music for body and spirit channel icludes also:

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Here you can find the music for your Reiki treatments with bell every 3 minutes, or without bell. Tracks with bell change to every position with melodies and harmonies studied in detail to help the treatment.

• Meditation and Yoga music:
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• Binaural beats:
This is definitely the most special playlist. Each track was composed for a specific purpose.
Using headphones or earphones you will discover very very hidden sounds .....

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Channel: Music for body and spirit - Meditation music
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